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The Transformation

Meet Markeia

Hello there, so glad that you're here...

Hi, I'm Markeia!


I am the CEO and Founder of MK Robinson International, the home of the Pivot to Purpose Academy. I'm an experienced life-changing, impact-making, purpose-driven Transformative Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. The mission of MK Robinson International is to inspire, empower, and assist individuals to transform their lives and pivot to living the life they desire, deserve and were designed to live. But, that hasn't always been my story...


My story began quite differently. Until the year 2010, my education did not extend beyond the ninth grade and my reality was working dead-end jobs just to make ends meet. Being a teenage mom and high school dropout turned Author, Transformative Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker serves as inspiration for others to always believe and invest in themselves.


Unapologetically making the choice to pursue the life I desire and am destined to live has changed my narrative. I successfully obtained three college degrees in just seven years and began studying for my Ph.D. after having only a ninth-grade education until age 30. While completing my Master’s degree, I wrote, edited, and self-published my first book about my lived experiences entitled The Non-Traditional Route: From GED to Ph.D. which is available here and on


My passion and purpose in life is to utilize the wisdom gained from my lived experiences as well as the frameworks, strategies, and steps that were instrumental in me transforming my life from a life of purgatory to a life of purpose to empower, guide, and assist individuals to gain the clarity and confidence to boldly walk towards their dreams. As your personal coach, I will provide the blueprint to bring structure to your process of thinking, planning, deciding, doing, and living. It's time to live life with intention and step into your calling!

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