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The Non-Traditional Route: From GED to Ph.D. is a masterful blend of memoir and motivation. A story about a teenage mom and high school dropout turned Author, Transformative Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. This story serves as inspiration for others to always believe and invest in themselves by unapologetically choosing to pursue the life they desire and are destined to live.

This book shares how one woman successfully obtained three college degrees in just seven years and began studying for her Ph.D. after having only a ninth-grade education until age 30. While completing her Master's Degree, she wrote, edited, and self-published a book about her lived experiences; that is the book you are preparing to read at this very moment. This raw, authentic, and transparent story explores her pathway to success by overcoming hopelessness, low self-esteem, domestic abuse, attempted suicide, and more.

The author shares the wisdom gained from her lived experiences as well as the frameworks, strategies, and steps that were instrumental in transforming her life from a life of purgatory to a life of purpose. MK's mission is to empower, guide, and assist individuals in gaining the clarity and confidence to BOLDLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY walk toward their dreams.

The Non-Traditional Route: From GED to Ph.D.

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