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The Art of Making an Impact

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Hello there!


Welcome to my site; I'm so glad that you're here! I am the CEO and Founder of MK Robinson International, the home of the INHER Spark Institute. I'm an experienced life-changing, impact-making, purpose-driven, confidence-building Transformative Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker.


The mission of MK Robinson International is to inspire, empower, and assist individuals to transform their lives to the life they truly desire, deserve, and are destined to live. I empower, guide, and assist women in search of their purpose to gain the clarity and confidence to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, and alignment. 


Transformative Confidence Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker

What I Specialize In

Transformative Life Coaching

Workshop Facilitation

Mindset Modification

Goal Setting & Goal Getting

Motivational Speaking

"Markeia's Concept to Creation program is truly priceless. It helps you own your identity, grow your confidence, strengthen your foundation, and apply all you've discovered along the way."

-Risha M. 
Coaching Client

"Markeia's participation as a panelist in our "Not By The Book" Women@Work event made it a  resounding success. I can honestly say that was one of the best panel discussions I've had the pleasure to moderate. The audience was moved and inspired by her thoughtful and authentic responses."

-Susan M.

"Working with Markeia as my coach had a wonderful impact on my life! We worked on goal setting and action planning and she held me accountable, in a supportive way, for getting things done. It was through this work that Markeia helped to spark a mindset transformation within me that has changed my life."

-Chrissy S.
Coaching Client

"Ms. Robinson came to our school as our first Mom to Mom: Chat and Chew guest speaker. Her story along with her empowering words of encouragement was influential to the women in attendance. Many of the women expressed being moved by her resilience and ambition to be successful. It was such a pleasure having Markeia join us, and we look forward to having her join us again soon."

-Shanae L. 
Arbor Hill ES

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